Friday, December 19, 2014

Sea Turtle Supporter Certificate

Happy holidays from all of us at NECWA. 

We thank you for your support over the years, especially this season with the overwhelming sea turtle strandings that have occurred on Cape Cod. The number of stranded sea turtles in now over 1200! This is close to 6 times the normal number of sea turtle stranding that are typical for this area at this time.

We have a very special offer for our followers. If you provide NECWA a tax-deductable gift of $25 or more before the year's end, you will receive a personalized Sea Turtle Supporter Certificate. I created this certificate just this week to recognize the record number of endangered sea turtles that have stranded on our Cape Cod beaches.

To donate and receive your personalized certificate, go to the NECWA website ( and donate through Just Give or PayPal. Indicate the names you would like printed on the certificate in the message box. 

I will also be sending out certificates to those who have donated earlier this month. If I miss anyone, please email me at

Happy Holidays to one and all and thank you for your continued interest and support. 

Best, Krill and the staff and interns of NECWA