Monday, December 29, 2014

Give to NECWA

Happy Holidays from all of us at NECWA.

If you are thinking about making a year-end donation for 2014, then please consider NECWA. We are a small, grassroots organization that does BIG things. 

NECWA is a registered 501(c) 3 organization so all donations are tax-deductible.

Any donation, big or small, makes a difference for it supports our many projects and activities. 

Any donation counts, small or large. 

NECWA helps protect marine wildlife in our New England waters through research projects, educational outreach and conservation activities including:
  • studying marine wildlife from commercial whale-watching boats
  • rescuing and studying ocean sunfish and sea turtles 
  • offering an internship program for high school and college students
  • conducting beach cleanups to collect marine debris
  • offering free or reduced-priced educational programs for kids of all ages
  • working with college students on research projects focused on various topics and issues regarding marine wildlife
  • providing research samples and information to government and non-government organizations to support current knowledge and understanding on marine wildlife in New England
  • sponsoring a community-sighting network (NEBShark) for basking sharks and ocean sunfish seen in our New England waters
and so much more.

NECWA is an all volunteer group which means that close to 100% of any donation goes directly to the projects and activities that we oversee. Can't get better than that! 

To donate, 
go to our website at 
and give through either Just Give or PayPal. 

Or send in a check to NECWA at the address below. 

Thank you for considering NECWA for a year-end donation.  

Best to all,

Marine Biologist and President, NECWA
New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance

11 Clarence Soule Drive
Middleboro, MA  02346 

To learn more about NECWA: