Sunday, July 28, 2019

Your Guilt Free Gift Giving Guide

Your Guilt Free Gift Guide

by NECWA Summer Intern Lydia Myers

Buying gifts can be difficult, especially for the tree hugger in your life.  You want it to be personal, meaningful, and environmentally friendly.  If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the greenest member of your family, take a look at some of the companies and products below.  These gift ideas add a whole new meaning to the gift that keeps on giving.

Clothing and Jewelry and Other Apparel: Fashion forward and feel good choices
Sandcloud is perfect for your ocean lover. Based out of California and specializing in cute, beachy wares like towels, reef safe sunscreen, metal straws, and glass water bottles, Sandcloud emphasizes a plastic free lifestyle.  They also offer tee shirts made from recycled water bottles, which are incredibly soft and smooth.  When you buy from Sandcloud, 10% of your purchase goes towards marine life conservation, and 6 of their main recipients are listed under their mission statement.

Wonderful blanket that is light and easy.

Like Sandcloud, Happy Earth Apparel works with multiple foundations and organizations to help make positive change in the environment.  Their inventory is vast and includes apparel, backpacks, stickers, and more.  Happy Earth donates 50% of their profits to 10 different organizations.  If that doesn’t impress you, all their products are vegan, their packaging is recycled, and for every order, at least one tree is planted. 

Long sleeve shirt with one of many gorgeous designs

For every bracelet they sell, 4Ocean removes one pound of trash from the oceans.  The bracelets themselves have a cord made from recycled water bottles and beads made from recycled glass.  There’s a classic design, but they also offer different designs and packages that support different causes and animals.  Since their start-up in 2017, 4Ocean has removed over 2 million pounds of trash from oceans and coastlines.

Planet Love Life draws attention to the risk that fishing nets pose to marine life.  Their mission is to clear the oceans of discarded nets.  The nets are then transformed into bracelets, rings, and earrings.  Like 4Ocean, Planet Love Life has jewelry that is dedicated to specific causes.  Planet Love Life also organizes clean ups and works with a handful of non-profits.

A pretty dark blue bracelet made from fishing net

Technology: Innovative and Eco-Friendly Options for the Technologically Minded

The Pela Case is one of the only eco-friendly phone cases out there.  This company’s goal is to stop litter and pollution, not by picking it up, but by not producing it in the first case.  Besides, their outstandingly eco-friendly business model, Pela Case has some gorgeous biodegradable phone cases for both Apple and Android phones.  The company also donates to environmental causes has featured phone cases dedicated to some of those casues.

A biodegradable phone case with a coral reef design

Nimble is another step in the right direction for the technology industry.  Besides offering 100% recycled phone cases, they create plant based portable and wireless chargers.  Using a combination of plant-based bioplastics, recyclable aluminum, and fabrics made from organic hemp and recycled plastic bottles, Nimble offers a gorgeous and eco-friendly piece of technology.  Their packaging is also eco-friendly, and they offer a prepaid envelope for you to mail obsolete technology to a responsible recycling center.

Nimble products are made and shipped with sustainable materials

Donations: for When You Want To Do Good in Their Name
We would love if you made a donation to help support us and all that we do!  We also have an online store where you can buy apparel, stickers, and other goods.  Because we’re a non-profit, any gift or purchase you make goes directly to the animals we help and the supplies we need.  Put us on your wish list!  If you'd like to make a donation, use this link.  Our store can be found here.
Check out our online store for NECWA gear!

Sea Shepherd is a another non-profit with an amazing mission.  They take direct action to protect the oceans and work to expose any illegal activities.  Supporting Sea Shepherd is a great choice as a gift and they make it easy.  Besides basic monetary and memorial donations, they accept other charitable acts like vehicle donations, planned estate giving, stock donations, and they have an online store with profits that go directly to the organization.  You can also donate to their specific operations and missions. 

Similar to Sea Shepherd, the IFAW takes many forms of donations and also has a few petitions that help make a difference.  The IFAW takes on broader challenges, although Marine Conservation is one of their missions, along with Disaster Response and Wildlife Rescue.  This would be a perfect donation to make in the name of the animal lover in your life.