Fall Stranding Season is soon upon us!

Fall Stranding Season is soon upon us. As we approach the fall stranding season, please report your sightings of these unusual New England fish to our online stranding network at NECWA is one of the few organizations that rescues these animals when they strand live or necropsies carcasses when they wash ashore. This information is helping us better understand and protect these unusual fish that live in our New England waters. To support this work, please donate today through Facebook or our website at NECWA is an all-volunteer nonprofit so this money will be used to purchase needed rescue and research gear and supplies. Last season, NECWA responded to 110 stranded ocean sunfish, 58 stranded torpedo rays, and 45 stranded triggerfish. It was a very busy stranding season and numbers are continuing to climb each year. Thank you!

Upcoming Events for NECWA in the Community

Here are some upcoming events that NECWA will be participating in the spring and early summer.  Plymouth Farmers Market – Winter Market April 27, 2023, from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm Visitors Center, Plimoth Patuxet Museum, 137 Warren Ave., Plymouth, MA   Join NECWA at our educational table focused on our email campaign to better protect the Horseshoe Crab. We will also have fun hands-on activities for market participants focused on this email campaign, including a block printing activity and a 3-D paper cut-out of a Horseshoe Crab. The Plymouth Farmers Market is a wonderful place to pick-up fresh, local produce, meats, and cheeses at the market and to support farmers focused on agricultural diversity, food economy, and food literacy.     Cooler Middleboro Festival: April 29, 2023, from 11 am to 2 pm. Middleboro High School gym, 71 E. Grove St., Middleboro, MA.   A free, fun, educational event for all ages to learn about energy efficiency and our local en

Email Writing Campaign to Better Protect Horseshoe Crabs in MA Waters.

Watercolor by Kathy Miller Horseshoe Crabs ( Limulus  polyphemus ) Horseshoe Crabs are a marine crustacean that has lived on planet earth for over 445 million years. This living fossil plays an important role in marine ecosystems and in human health. However, Horseshoe Crab populations are decreasing across the state of MA and more needs to be done to protect them. Learn about this amazing and ancient species and see how you can help protect the Horseshoe Crab in Massachusetts' waters. Overview: Horseshoe Crabs are bioturbators that dig-up bottom sediments in search of prey or when nesting in shallow water. The shell of the Horseshoe Crab is often covered in algae, slipper shells, and barnacles that hitch a ride on this slow-moving, tank-shaped animal. Horseshoe Crabs help control populations of various benthic invertebrates targeted as prey and they themselves are a food source for other marine animals. The fertilized eggs of Horseshoe Crabs are an important source of energy for m

Spring NECWA Newsletter

Read NECWA's Spring 2023 newsletter. Hot off the press.  And if you would like this newsletter to automatically come to your email inbox, the go to the NECWA website at and sign up. CLICK HERE  

Valentine Fundraising Event to Support NECWA


Torpedo Rays Strandings Continue along the Shores of Cape Cod

Kathy and Deb with dead torpedo ray in sled. On January 26th, a large female torpedo ray stranded dead on the shores of Corporation Beach in Dennis, MA, and was reported to the NECWA hotline (508-566-0009). This would become torpedo ray stranding #53 for the 2022 season which extends into the early months of 2023.  Torpedo ray stranded dead at Corporation Beach. NECWA volunteer, Deb Capobianco responded immediately and rushed down to the beach to secure the carcass as the animal stranded below the high tide. The carcass would have washed away if not for her fast action. Being a large carcass, Deb was concerned that she would not be able to drag the carcass on her own. So Deb was able to maneuver the carcass onto a sled and dragged the carcass above the high tide live with a lot of effort. Thank you Deb! Female torpedo ray in Deb's sled. Ready for transport.  Soon, NECWA volunteer, Kathy Miller, joined her and the two ladies necropsied the carcass on-site. These external and interna

NECWA Winter Newsletter

NECWA'S winter newsletter hot off the press.  Click HERE to read all the amazing things that have been going on this fall and early winter.