Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 7, 2011

Jesse's Marine - Yard Sale with a marine theme

Today NECWA staff and interns teamed up with Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours ( at Jesse's Marine in Plymouth MA for a different kind of yard sale. Jesse's Marine in Plymouth MA sponsored their second annual yard sale with a marine theme. Folks from all over the area participated by offering used or new items of marine related equipment and supplies.

Leah and Nick helped Krill man an educational table that had fun and exciting whale and shark material on it. On display were whale and shark related artifacts including humpback baleen, whales bones, whale teeth and much more. And there was lots of free educational material available for folks to pick up and take home.

One of the favorite activities that Leah and Nick offered was the beach dig. Here kids could dig for fossil teeth in a large bin filled with sand, shells and beach glass. Even the older kids had fun sitting on the grass and getting their hands in the sand as they searched for beach treasure. And everyone got a chance to take a few teeth and shells home with them.

Leah wore her whale hat which was a big hit with the kids. This hat was given to NECWA by Captain John Boats and everyone is in love with it. It is really an orca hat, but what fun it is to wear even though we don't often see orca (killer whales) in our area.

During quite periods, Leah had fun with some kids toys she brought with her. One toy was an air pop gun that shot out spongy balls. Soon, colored balls were flying all over the place as Nick and Leah had fun with an impromptu target practice.

A fun day for everyone who joined NECWA and Captain John Boats at Jesse's Marine. If you missed this year's yard sale, we hope to see you next year!