Friday, March 18, 2011

Salt, the Humpback Whale Presentation at Center School, Mattapoisett

Today, Krill met with Tammy Kelley and her First Grade class at the Center School in Mattaopoisett. Tammy has been teaching her students about whales and other marine wildlife and invited Krill to come in and speak to her students.

Krill was amazed at how much these young learners knew about whales and the other marine wildlife found off Cape Cod. Not only were Tammy's students knowledgable about marine wildlife, but they were curious about whales and excited about learning more.

Tammy's students enjoyed handling all the neat marine wildlife artifacts that Krill brought to their classroom including humpback baleen, a large whale vertebrae and preserved samples of what whales and other marine wildlife eat when in our waters.

The students also enjoyed watching the PPT presentation that Krill put together for this very special day, which also turned out to be Saint Patrick's Day. Tammy's students had fun using the whale tail props they made when singing the "Salt, the Humpback Whale" song.

But the most fun was had by one and all when Krill inflated Crystal, a fabric whale that is the size of a one-year old humpback whale. Crystal is Salt's first known calf and he was born in 1980. These kids were amazed at how large Crystal was when he was just one years old and couldn't imagine just how large he is today. A few years ago, NECWA staff member Pat Mancini created Crystal and this inflatable whale has been a huge hit with kids and adults ever since.

NECWA would like to send a big "thank you" to Tammy Kelley and her amazing students. Krill thoroughly enjoyed spending time with these young and enthusiastic learners and had just as much fun as the kids. It was clear that Tammy Kelley has done a wonderful job with her students for they now only "knew their stuff" but they were excited, enthusiastic and eager to learn more.