Thursday, January 7, 2021

NECWA Intern Highlight - Jack Gerrior

 Highlight of one of NECWA'a Fall/Winter Interns, Jack Gerrior.

Jack Gerrior helping to clean the fish ladder at Wareham Street, Middleboro
Jack rescuing a frog trapped in one of the fish ladders at the Wareham Street ladder.

Hello there! I am a second class (2/C) cadet at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in the Marine Science, Safety, and Environmental Protection Program (MSSEP)and have been additionally pursuing a minor in Marine Biology. With the support of marine ecologist Professor William Hubbard, I have been able to work at the on-campus Aquaculture and Marine Sciences Laboratory where ongoing studies regarding marine species local to Cape Cod (i.e. Tautog, American Lobster, Black Sea Bass, and Deep Sea Scallops) are being conducted with other student-led research projects.

Jack necropsying a torpedo ray carcass in Provincetown, MA

I was first introduced to NECWA at a talk given by Krill at the Academy regarding her Ocean Sunfish Project, where she discussed the data she had been taking on Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola) that had stranded each winter in Cape Cod Bay. Since the winter of 2019, I have volunteered to assist with the Mola Project by helping with data collection, rescues of live animals and necropsies, in addition to walking local beaches for cold-stunned Sea Turtles.

Jack finding a dead torpedo ray at Linnell Landing

Most recently, I have been a part of NECWAs most recent efforts to study Western Atlantic Torpedo Rays, which also strand in the winter in Massachusetts due to reasons that are yet to be fully understood. Working with Krill's nonprofit as part of a Coop this winter has brought me closer to working with these strange and less-understood marine animals than I could ever thought possible and I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity.

In the future following graduation, I hope to pursue a career with the NOAA Corps or with NOAA Fisheries and aim to help with the continued development of the torpedo ray monitoring program.

Western Atlantic Torpedo Ray necropsy In Provincetown near Shore Rd.

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