Tuesday, June 9, 2015

$25 whale watch tickets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Plymouth Whale Watching

Check out this amazing deal with Plymouth Whale Watching. Also, they have a Groupon deal and a Living Social deal for other week and weekend days.

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Plymouth Whale Watching leaves out of the Mayflower II State Pier. This is the only company in Plymouth that would accept the NECWA interns. So lets show our support for this company by choosing them when heading offshore.

Not only do they allow NECWA interns onboard, but they also allow naturalist and interns to collect sighting data on all marine wildlife seen from the vessel.

This information is being shared with other research organizations and is added to a long-term database on marine wildlife in our New England waters.

Thanks Plymouth Whale Watching for caring about the future of our young marine biologists and the future of our marine wildlife offshore.

To learn more about the trips this company offers, go to www.plymouthwhalewatching.com

Thanks, Krill
Marine Biologist
President, NECWA