Sunday, April 27, 2014

Finback whales using bubbles when feeding.

Finback pair feeding off Race Point Beach.
On our whale watch yesterday aboard the Tails of the Sea, Captain John Boats, we found the same pair of finback whales that were feeding in this area on yesterday's trip. And this pair was continuing to feed in their very own style!
This finback's tail stock shows signs of a previous entanglement.

Surfacing just off the beach.
Both whales were coordinating their movements and they surfaced along the steep drop-off that is just off the shores of Race Point. And like yesterday, these animals were using bubble clouds to help them concentrate the bait before lunging mouth open beneath the waves.

Bubble clouds being produced by the finbacks as they feed. 
Bubble popping up to the surface. 
Finback on the left as it lunges through the bubbles.  
Finback whale don't often use bubbles when feeding, so this was a very pleasant surprise. These large and fast whale typically use their speed and agility to corral the bait into a tight ball before lunging.

Finback with birds associated. 

Always great to see a twist to whale behaviors and to see whale do behaviors that they are not known for. So we don't know everything and that is a good thing. Makes life more interesting.

Finbacks swimming in unison.