Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 28, 2013 Rockin' with Raptors at the Boston Nature Center

Rockin' with Raptors at the Boston Nature Center

NECWA joined the Boston Nature Center's annual Rockin' with Raptors festival. We had a great time today and really enjoyed being a part of this fabulous event.

Thanks to NECWA interns Sherel and Maggie for their wonderful help and assistance over the course of the festival. And thanks to Jamie, Krill's son, for all his amazing help as well.

NECWA was able to offer three different activities at our table. One activity was focused on origami. Here kids could make their own origami whale or ocean sunfish. Once decorated with stickers and markers, the kids could take them home for their enjoyment.

The second activity was looking at all our fun display items including whale bones, whale baleen, shark jaws and ocean sunfish bones. Kids of all ages loved looking at all these neat whale artifacts.

Our third activity called "Beach Treasure Hunt" was the favorite of festival participants. Here kids could dig through sand to find a number of treasures including fossil shark teeth, sea glass and shells of all varieties. Once the children found their treasures, they were invited to take them home with them.

Great day, incredible steel drum music and wonderful people. Can't wait for next year's event!