Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Whale Watching Season Has Started with a Bang!

Whale Watching out of Plymouth - May

Great whale watching at the start of our 2013 season. We have been seeing humpback whales, finback whales, minke whales as well as Atlantic white-sided dolphins and harbor porpoise. We want to thank Captain John Boats out of Plymouth for providing internship tickets for each trip. With that support, our  interns would not be able to get offshore with any consistency.

Atlantic white-sided dolphins. 

Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

Bubble net being made by humpback whales. 

Feeding Frenzy!
This season, intern tickets have also been donated by Plymouth Whale Watching out of the State Pier in Plymouth. This will allow more of our interns to get offshore on a regular basis. Thanks to both companies for the generosity on behalf of our program. 

Buzzard kick feeding. 
Fracture and Zeppelin feeding deep together. 
Lunging through the bait. Lots of body parts!
Surface feeding. 
Zeppelin lunging through a bubble net. 
Fern's 2013 calf coming towards the boat. 
Northern gannet
Finback whale spouting.
Finback whale
Finback whale