Monday, December 5, 2011

Nicholas Schomburg, NECWA intern, receives award.

This week, our very own Nicholas Schomburg was awarded a $100 gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods in Colony Place, Plymouth. Nicholas has interned with the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance (NECWA) since the summer of 2009 and is currently a senior at Plymouth South High School. The gift certificate was part of a larger program known as “$100 for 100”, which was sponsored by Joyal Capital Management, Dunkin Donuts, The Pacific Life Foundation/Insurance, First American Insurance, Heidrea, and The Bulfinch Group.

Nicholas was nominated for this reward based on his academic achievement and extracurricular activities associated with NECWA. As a NECWA intern, Nicholas has been involved in a variety of projects and programs related to research, education and conservation in the field of marine biology. He has acted as a Research Assistant and Naturalist aboard Captain John Boats, operating out of Plymouth Harbor.

Nicholas has participated in necropsies of ocean sunfish, seals and dolphins that stranded dead on Cape Cod beaches. And he has been very involved in educational outreach activities for both children and adults. Nicholas’s guidance counselor felt that these types of extracurricular activities helped Nicholas stand out among the rest of his high school peers and therefore, was a key factor in his winning this award.

Congratulations Nicholas from all of us at NECWA!