Thursday, December 16, 2010

So often we post ocean sunfish carcasses that wash ashore on Cape Cod beaches. Recently however, Sabrina Fletcher sent us these photos of a "living" sunfish that she encountered approximately 30 miles offshore from the boat landing at Murr...ells Inlet. Sabrina wrote that "this fish let us cruise up to him/her on our boat, I reached out and it let me pet its top fin, was AMAZING! It let us hover near it and observe and capture these photos for over 15 minutes before it drifted off to the deep!"

Thanks Sabrina for sending these photos to NEBShark and a
llowing us to post them on Facebook and our blog. Nice to have pictures and encounters with live and healthy sunfish. They are so beautiful and deserve our full attention and admiration!

Send your photos and sighting information to our community-sighting network called NEBShark (New England Basking Shark Project). We will include your sighting information into our database which is helping us learn more about these amazing animals. Go to

Thanks for your help.