Sunday, September 26, 2010

Interns onboard Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours

(Dominica and Tammy collecting data aboard Captain John Boats)

As we come class to the end of our whale watch season, we want to thank all our NECWA interns for a job well done. Many have already headed off to college and we miss them dearly. But we still have a few at home including Nick and Bob as well as Dominica and Tammy (see photo above).

Our NECWA interns have worked hard all summer recording and analyzing data collected during whale watching trips aboard vessels owned and operated by Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours. There is more work to do even as the whale watching season comes to an end, and we will be working with our interns to make sure that all their data gets analyzed and shared with other research groups in the New England area.

Captain John Boats operates out of Plymouth Harbor and offers an variety of public and chartered trips including whale watching, fishing trips and specialty cruises such as their Cape Cod Canal and Lobster Dinner Cruise.

(Photo courtesy of Warren Disbrow)

A BIG thank you goes to Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours for helping to provide internship opportunities to these young people interested in the field of marine biology. Captain John provided two free tickets each day for use by our NECWA interns. Without Captain John's continued support and interest, NECWA could not provide such a comprehensive and meaningful internship program to students and professionals in the New England area.

To learn more about Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours, go to their website at