Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Right Whale Days at the New Bedford Whaling Museum

This Monday, NECWA staff member Val, her daughter Nicole and Nicole's friend Abby were part of Right Whale Day at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. To learn more about this exciting event, read Val's update below.

Hello from Val. Right Whale Day at the Whaling Museum in New Bedford was a huge success! My daughter Nicole and her friend Abby volunteered in helping with the two craft projects that NECWA provided for the event.

One activity was making and decorating an origami right whale. It was fun to see how each child decorated their origami whale with stickers, glitter glue and markers. The creativity was just amazing and wonderful to see.

The second arts & craft activity was decorating a right whale fluke and giving it a name based on one of the the right whale names that are currently in use for live animals.

I was so glad to have Nicole and Abby helping out for we were quite busy and having lots of fun doing the crafts with happy children of all ages.

And while doing the crafts, we also talked about biology facts involving endangered Right whales that applied to our crafts. For example, we asked the children to pick out an actual right whale name for their fluke. And we had them use glue dots to simulate right whale callosities. We also talked about how right whales typically produce a v-shaped blow when they return to the surface and exhale. And we discussed how right whales are one of the most endangered whales in the world!

All in all, a wonderful time was had by one and all.